Tulip Skywalker

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Do you know how to end the war between the Jedi and the Darkside? With some flowers, that's how! And why not use one of the most iconic Jedi's lightsaber to make peace, Luke Skywalker. But with that beautiful BLUE glow to our beloved hero's lightsaber, which flowers would be the most beautiful peace offering? Tulips of course! BB-CRE.8 proudly mashes up class and Star Wars to give you TULIP SKYWALKER (STICKER)!


- All Weather Vinyl Sticker (Meaning waterproof, won't fade in the sun, dirt proof, fart proof... you get the idea)

- Approximately 5" in length

- Slap it on ANYTHING!

- Luke Skywalker's Saber with some beautiful tulips to match!


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