Hello and nice to meet you!

First off, THANK YOU for taking the time to visit our website. We are stoked you can join us and hope you enjoy what you see. Feel free to poke around as our website is also updated weekly with rad new designs. We are the sole artists and creators behind BB-CRE.8 and have been growing this brand from the ground up since March 16th, 2016. We have also been really good friends for the past 30 years growing up in Los Angeles and are hardcore nerds that love anything from the 80's, Star Wars, Anime, Comic Books and Video Games! On top of the daily grind life throws at us, we juggle our full time careers and tend to our own families WHILE running BB-CRE.8. The reason we make time for this brand is because BB-CRE.8 is very special to us. It allows us to focus on art, gives us a space to express ourselves through our designs but most importantly... it allows our friendship to continue to thrive. On top of that... it allows us to connect to you, our BB-CRE.8 family. So thank you for being here and contributing to our vision of nerd fandom by picking up some rad designs. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to drop us a line... you can always email us at info@bbcre8.com

Peace and Love always... Miguel & Mike, Best Buds-CRE.8!

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