The Duel

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The Force is with you, young Skywalker... But you are not a Jedi yet!" - Darth Vader

We going to CLOUD CITY for a good ol' fight... against germs that is! That's right, the BB-CRE.8 team designed a functional 2 in 1 mask that also comes with it's own filter! On one side we have that epic battle scene showing Vader vs. Luke and on the other is that famous quote Vader told his son that he wasn't quite ready to fight him! How cool is that? As cool as that ending where Vader told Luke that he was his dad... whoops spoiler alert! But what won't be spoiled is you looking FLY AF and super fashionable when it comes to wearing a mask in public. You won't be disappointed as you nab this super comfortable, one size fits all mask FOR ADULTS to put on your face! The cool thing is... if you want to rock the other side of the mask, you can just reverse it and BAM! there's another design! So let's keep social distancing at an all time high and germs at bay as BB-CRE.8 proudly presents, the Duel Mask.


- Width of Mask End to End: 11.8”

- Height of Mask: 5.11”

- Cover Area of Mask: 6.3”

- Most sizes fits all head and face types

- Super Stretchable Breathable Cotton/Poly Blend Light Material

- Comes with 1 (ONE) PM2.5 filter

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