Star Wars SNOB

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So you think you know your Star Wars huh? Oh yeah? So tell me who was the 3rd cousin's brother's mother of the 6th pilot to the right on the Star Destroyer in the Battle of Endor? Do you know how to recite the Holy Trilogy word for word? Or are you only familiar with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker? In any case this sticker is just for you becuase you like all things from a galaxy far, far away... Remember the galaxy accepts all. BB-CRE.8 proudly presents Star Wars SNOB (STICKER)!


- All Weather Vinyl Sticker (Meaning waterproof, won't fade in the sun, dirt proof, fart proof... you get the idea)

- Reflective holographic foil sticker so it changes colors in the sun!

- Approximately 6" in width (It's BIG!)

- Slap it on ANYTHING!

- Empire Strikes Back logo but more snobby


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