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"I've always hated this school's motto... PLUS ULTRA!!" -Endeavor

Known as ENJI TODOROKI, the father of Shoto Todoroki from Class 1A, Endeavor is currently the NUMBER 1 PRO HERO! Although this man is big, bad, buff and covered in fire... make no mistake that this man is cold blooded and icey AF with his emotions as well! He'll give you a permanent sunburn if you piss him off and even might make you burnt like a toasty marshmallow. Just make sure to get out of this hero's way because once he sets his sight on a goal, you damn right Endeavor is going to do whatever it takes to complete it! The BB-CRE.8 team made sure to give him his shine by capturing his minimalist side profile with fire all around and deserving GLOW IN THE DARK indigo background. Let's welcome this awesome design into our SHIN COLLECTION as BB-CRE.8 proudly presents, SHIN-ENDEAVOR!


- Black dyed soft enamel with epoxy coating

- Approx. 1.4" in width

- Glows in the dark

- Double posted with rubber backings

- BB-CRE.8 embossed logo backstamp

- "1st Edition" laser etching with numbering 1-50


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