Sailor Moon Knight

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It's the pose for me! And if you know... you know! C'mon, we had to do the crossover nobody asked for. The iconic pose known from Sailor Moon has now embodied the super hero with dissociative identity disorder! Check out all those details we placed in the name of Khonshu as well. Best believe that Marc Spector aka Steven Grant aka Jake Lockley aka Mr. Knight aka Moon Knight is out to punish anyone that gets in the way of the great Egyptian god of the moon. So it's every day I wake up, then I start to break up... Lonely is a man without love as BB-CRE.8 proudly presents SAILOR MOON KNIGHT (STICKER)!


- All Weather Vinyl Sticker (Meaning waterproof, won't fade in the sun, dirt proof, fart proof... you get the idea)

- Approximately 3" in width

- Slap it on ANYTHING!

- It's the pose for me!


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