Saber of Lights

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Are you Sith or Jedi? Darkside or Lightside? No matter what you choose, you'll have these awesome sabers for your face! The BB-CRE.8 team couldn't decide which side they wanted to be on so they chose to show off all sides! We designed Saber after Saber for your wonderful face and took every classic saber imaginable in the SW universe on the go! But if you feel like you want those Sabers to be turned off, just reverse it and all the "lights" are gone! You won't be disappointed as you nab this super comfortable, one size fits all mask FOR ADULTS ! The cool thing is... if you want to rock the other side of the mask, you can just reverse it and BAM! there's another design! So let's keep social distancing at an all time high and germs at bay as BB-CRE.8 proudly presents, the Saber of Lights Mask!


- Width of Mask End to End: 11.8”

- Height of Mask: 5.11”

- Cover Area of Mask: 6.3”

- Most sizes fits all head and face types

- Super Stretchable Breathable Cotton/Poly Blend Light Material

- Comes with 1 (ONE) PM2.5 filter


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