Ranunculus Wren

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"Well, here's a new order: Get lost." - Sabine Wren

There's always been a charm to Sabine anywhere she went. Whether it's being a skilled warrior, her passion to do what's right, or her artistic view of the way she sees things... there's no doubt that there is a strong attraction she processes. That is why your Best Buds had to make sure Sabine had a flower that symbolized and captured her essence with the ranunculus bouquet. Just imagine this lightsaber capturing the stunning craftsmanship of Mandalorian artistic expression. When ignited, the blade would emanate a brilliant green hue, mirroring the vibrant color of the ranunculus flowers. This bouquet would symbolize both strength and beauty reflecting Sabine's fierce spirit and creative prowess. So let's swing this elegant bouquet as BB-CRE.8 proudly presents RANUNCULUS WREN (ENAMEL PIN)!


- Black nickel hard enamel

- Double post rubber backing

- 1.5" in height

- BB-CRE.8 logo embossed backstamp


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