Lily Fulcrum

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"There's Always A Bit Of Truth In Legends." - Ahsoka Tano

The symbol of purity and rebirth of the white lily is something very fitting of Ahsoka. She is pure when it comes to what is righteous and just... and leaving the Jedi way is something of a rebirth in many ways. That is why your Best Buds had to make sure that one of the coolest characters with the coolest hilts had to have a dope ass bouquet to match. I mean c'mon... look at the details we added to each design. You know when Ahsoka ignites those 2 sabers up, the blade would emit a pure, radiant white light with an elegance of those lilies blossoming. The bouquet of lilies would symbolize Ahsoka's purity of of heart, and her as the beacon of hope in the galaxy. BB-CRE.8 is so proud to present LILY FULCRUM (ENAMEL PIN SET)!


- Black nickel hard enamel

- Double post rubber clutch backing both pins

- Approximately 1.5" (Shorter Hilt) & 1.75" (Taller Hilt) in height

- Backstamp with embossed BB-CRE.8 logo


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