Let Them Fight (English)

$ 20.00 


CRASH! BOOM! POW! KABLAM! Imagine you're just chilling watching your favorite movie and you look outside your window and see 2 gargantuan beasts just beating each other up to the death! No big deal right?! WRONG! Hit the deck because you know debris and shards are going to be flying everywhere. Look at how beautiful that daylight skyline looks behind them too! Please try not to make mess you two because imagine the bill after everything is said and done! We meticulously captured this DOUBLE LAYER pin with spectacular details of these glorious Titans as they duke it out! BB-CRE.8 proudly shows you the Titans of destruction with our newest premium pin, Let Them Fight (English)!


- 1st layer is a Polished 3D polished silver; 2nd layer is black nickel hard enamel

- Layers are fused together to create a dual layer premium hefty pin

- Beautifully screen printed details

- Double post with rubber backings

- BB-CRE.8 Premium embossed backstamp

- "1st Edition" laser etching with number 1-50

- Approx. 2” in diameter


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