Knights of Ren HOEK

$ 4.00 


"Oh how I like to lick the creamy center!" - Ren Hoek

Hey! YOU EEEEEDIOT! Yeah, I'm talking to you... you know who this is? This is the most feared group in the galaxy! Everyone thinks we're terrorist of the state trained to be one man armies... but that's far from the truth... these guys are actually trained to be my puppets! That's right!! REN HOEK is the NEW SUPREME LEADER!! Not that 2 bit hack, Kylo Ren! So now it's time for us to come out of the shadows and strike everyone down where they stand. Those EEEEEDIOTS at BB-CRE.8 proudly present, Knights of Ren HOEK (Sticker)!


- All Weather Proof Vinyl Sticker

- Approx. 4" in width

- Slap it on ANYTHING!

- Ren Hoek mashed up with Knights of Ren original design


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