Get Your Ass

$ 13.00 

GIVE THE PEOPLE AIIIR! Douglas Quaid, the hero of the Total Recall was probably one of our favorite Arnold characters of all time. The muscles, the bravado, the violence… Arnold was straight ruthless and charming at the same time! But that one scene where he was on the surface of Mars was the most terrifying and thrilling parts of what made TOTAL RECALL such a hit! We thought it was over for our hero when he plummeted down the red sands of Mars, with no oxygen only to come to a complete stop where his EYES STARTED TO BULGE out of his SOCKETS! We knew Mars was brutal… but not like this. So let BB-CRE.8 introduce one amazing double layered pin as we proudly bring to you, GET YOUR ASS!


- 1st layer is a Polished 3D ROSE GOLD mold 2nd layer is black nickel hard enamel

- Layers are fused together to give it HEFT and GIRTH!

- Double post with rubber backings

- BB-CRE.8 embossed

- Laser number etching 1-50

- 1.75” in circumference


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