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Awwwww poor little droid. It's covered in red paint... wait a minute... that's not red paint. That's gotta be something else! But why do that to the prom queen? Oh it's suppose to be a joke? Well, this lil' droid doesn't like what you did and rightfully so. Look at how she just uses her telekinetic powers to make sure you'll never forget this prom night! She's going to make sure to share this bloodbath with you. Your Best Buds made sure you knew exactly how this droid rolls and it's not pleasant. So let's fix that tiara and adjust that sash as BB-CRE.8 proudly presents, CR-R13.8


- Black nickel hard enamel

- Double clutch rubber backing

- Approx. 1.4" in height

- Embossed BB-CRE.8 backstamp logo


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