Bonnie Bot

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Awww cute! It's a little bunny rabbit! But mah goodness why is it looking at me like that... and what's underneath the faceplate? Why is there red paint? Wait a minute, that ain't red paint... We know this lovable bunny just loves roaming around at night, looking at the camera and maybe saying "hello" with his eyes! All he does is wants to play with you. But we all know what happens if he gets too close to you right? As huge fans of this beloved video game franchises, your Best Buds decided to do something super different to capture the essence of each character... why not have their face plates remove like in the video game? So that's what we exactly did! So the question is... can you survive 5 nights? BB-CRE.8 proudly presents BONNIE BOT (MAGNETIC) ENAMEL PIN!


- MAGNETIC PIN; The face plate comes off to reveal the animatronics!

- Dual layer premium pin (this boi THICC)

- Black nickel hard enamel (both layers)

- Silk screened detail

- Double post rubber clutch backing

- Approximately 2.5'' in height; face plate is about .85" in height

- BB-CRE.8 embossed backstamp


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