Back2Back: Mandalorian/Child

$ 5.00 

This is the way because BB-CRE.8 took part of that Dual Pack we did with Leen Customs and made it into a STICKER! We nabbed the side profiles of the galaxy's most wanted duo, The Mandalorian and The Child, are captured with remarkable realism! with all this work placed in these designs, just remember not to self destruct because we're shooting our way out of here! So let's like those 4 to 1 odds because BB-CRE.8 proudly presents Back2Back: Mandalorian/Child (Sticker). You need this sticker... I have spoken.


- All Weather Proof Vinyl Sticker

- Approximately 4" in width

- Back to Back side profiles of The Mandalorian and The Child original design.

- Slap it on ANYTHING!


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