A Familiar Weapon

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THIS IS FOR A 13" x 19" PRINT!

The Lightsaber bouquets and weapons has always been a staple here at BB-CRE.8! We started off with the father and son Lightsabers and from there the flood gates busted wide open! These were the first 8 Lightsabers we introduced in our line and we re paying homage to is by immortalizing it into a beautiful and elegant print you can spruce up your wall! Take a look at all the details we placed into each and every Lightsaber Bouquets from Yoda's to Ben Solo's... dizzaaammm these laser swords never looked so damn classy! So let's celebrate as now you can own something truly cool to look at as BB-CRE.8 proudly presents, A Familiar Weapon (PRINT)!

Note that "@bbcre8" water mark is NOT included in the print!


- Size: 13" length x 19" width

- Printed on high grade 69lbs paper weight

- Luster finish provides an elegant surface that resists fingerprints and virtually eliminates glare

- signed on the back by BB-CRE.8

- All prints are rolled up and shipped in a 3-ply spiral tube wound construction for durability and strength

- Tube size is 2" by 15"

- White end caps included snap into place to hold contents secure

- Tubes are reusable and recyclable


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