Vader V. Skywalker (ROTJ) Hex

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Remember that throne room scene... lots of talking the beginning... not enough dueling! But that all changed when Vader got ready to rumble against his son, Lukey Duke! Then Vader yeeted his saber only to bring down the house on Lukey! Luke ran into hiding and all of a sudden, BAM! Skywalker came out swinging and clapped up Vader real good as he took out Vader's hand! The Dark Lord got GOT on that one, let me tell you boy! What a scene! So now you can own that epic duel with this beautiful gradient pearlescent finish between father and son as BB-CRE.8 proudly presents, Vader V. Skywalker (ROTJ) Hex!


- Black nickel hard enamel

- Single post rubber clutch backing

- Approximately 1.25'' in height

- Pearlescent gradient enamel finish

- Backstamp with embossed BB-CRE.8 HEXAGON logo

- Comes with 5" x 5" Hexgaon check list (while supplies last)


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