TPM01 Hex

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You can already hear this design can't you?! Duel of the Fates... those violin strings hittin' just right! But remember when Darth Maul showed up and was like... "Ima take care of these 2 chump Jedi at once!" And basically put a saber through Qui-Gon and he was GONE GONE. That's right, Maul Swiss cheesed up your boy Qui and Obi was just in the background watching like a little baby. Obi knew he couldn't handle that baddie Maul right there and then. Either way we all remember that Episode 1 was one of the movie we were all waiting for after a 30 year hiatus from the original trilogy. So your boys decided to expand their HEXAGON collection with more duel silhouettes and wanted to bring the Phantom Menace to your collection. BB-CRE.8 proudly presents TPM01 HEX!


- Black nickel hard enamel

- Single post rubber clutch backing

- Approximately 1.25'' in height

- Silk screen details

- Backstamp with embossed BB-CRE.8 HEXAGON logo


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