$ 11.00 

Nothing's better than warm toasted bread fresh from the toaster! Oh wait, yeah there is! It's a service bot that works as your own personal evil toaster! To be specific, the MSE-6, aka Mouse Droid, is a fan favorite that is usually lurking in the background of a Star Destroyer or the Death Star. It's general purpose is for delivery and maintenance services... so the BB-CRE.8 team decided to reimagine this awesome droid and give it a new task... deliver the Dark Lord his damn toast and maintain his evil doings with a satisfied tummy. BB-CRE.8 proudly brings to you a warm and yummy treat called the T0S-T Bot!


- Black nickel plated hard enamel

- Single clutch rubber backing

- Approximately 1.25" in height

- BB-CRE.8 embossed backstamp logo

- Toasty AF!

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