SNO-E.8 (Jedi Variant)

$ 12.00 


*Please note that even though you are ordering the SNO-E.8 Jedi Variant, there is a possibility you MAY receive the rare JEDI FORCE GHOST Chaser Variant in it's place! However, buying multiple pins of this design DOES NOT guarantee you receiving the chaser variants mentioned previously.*

BB-8 the snowman was a jolly happy soul! With a Jedi pattern scarf and a carrot nose, topped off with his one droid eye made of coal! BB-8 the snowman is a fairy tale they say. It was made of snow in a galaxy far far away! The BB-CRE.8 team went all winter and built a snowman with their homie, Steez Mcgee to bring you their most glittery pin yet! Let's give a snowy cheer and a winter's welcome to the COOLEST DROID EVER as BB-CRE.8 and Steez Mcgee proudly presents, SNO-E.8 (Jedi Variant)!

SNO-E.8 (Jedi Variant) also available through!


- Black nickel hard enamel

- Glitter everywhere!

- Jedi symbols scarf pattern

- Double post rubber clutch backing

- Approximately 1.5'' in height

- Backstamp with BB-CRE.8 & Steez Mcgee embossed logo

- Jedi Variant: Open edition no numbering; Jedi Force Ghost Variant are laser numbered 1-20

- Chance to get the Jedi Force Ghost Variant!

- Frosty AF!

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