Sailor Death Star T-Shirt

$ 26.00 


Fighting JEDI by Mustafar's volcanos! Winning the Empire by Darkside! He will always turn his back on a friend because he is always there to end you! The BB-CRE.8 team traveled the galaxy to find our beloved helmet head as one of the Sailor Soldiers trying to find a way to defeat the Jedi all in one swoop! In the name of the Empire, he will punish you! So let BB-CRE.8 proudly present to you someone that will make you suffer in a real fight... he is the one named Sailor Death Star T-Shirt in BLACK!


- BLACK Color T-Shirt

- 100% Cotton

- High Quality DIRECT TO GARMET Graphic

- Fighting JEDI 24/7!

- Small: 38" Chest, 28" Body Length, 8" Sleeve Length

- Medium: 41" Chest, 29" Body Length, 8 1/2" Sleeve Length

- Large: 44" Chest, 30" Body Length, 9" Sleeve Length

- X-Large: 48" Chest, 31" Body Length, 9 1/2" Sleeve Length

- XX-Large: 52" Chest, 32" Body Length, 10" Sleeve Length

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