Obscuro Pouch

$ 35.00 


Did someone say we needed some jellybeans but make them look like DROIDS?! Wingardium Levi-O-YEAH! With a flick of the wrist and a swish of our wand... we went there. You're welcome. We teamed up with the Jellybean Queen, Laserbrain to bring you series 17 of these amazing jellybeans but in droid forms! Such major details we brought you in minor surfaces and in the droids you love! Most of the gang is here with L3, Chopper, D-O, R2, C3, K2, Mouse, IG and red eyes C3! These jellybean droids come in our Obscuro Pouch in ONE, THREE, or FIVE in a pack. You can choose how many you like to show up in your pouch. So it's not wingardium leviosa... but WINGARDIUM LEVIOSAAAAAHHHHH as BB-CRE.8 and Laserbrain proudly presents, Obscuro Pouch (Series 17).

*IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!* THESE ARE BLIND BAGS but will NOT have any repeats in 1 (ONE) Obscuro Pouch. However, if multiple pouches are bought you may receive a repeat jelly bean. Obscuro Pouch are also sold on Laserbrain Patch Co.


-Assorted silver and/or gold polished hard enamel

- Silk screen design details

- Single clutch rubber backing


- Obscuro Pouch comes in ONE, THREE or FIVE droid bean options

- Possible droids to collect: L3-37, D-0, C-3P0, R2-D2, K-2SO, IG-88, C-3P0 (Red Eyes), Mouse, Chopper

- These are part of Series 17 of the JellyBean Collection

- Approximately .75" in width


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