Moonie Popsicle Blind Bag

$ 12.00 

"Without the bad times, we wouldn’t appreciate the good times." - Usagi Tsukino

Imagine, it's hot, yucky, sticky, and all kinds of gross when there's an extreme heatwave! So what better way to cool you down with some popsicles... but not just any type of popsicles, we're giving you yummy treats that give you all the stars and heart eyes galore! We are super stoked to introduce a new blind bag series with our friends from Perfect Humans! We couldn't be more happy of how these yummy sweet treats captures the details of those iconic cartoon ice cream popsicles you use to get when the ice cream truck rolled by. But are you able to collect all 5 plus the GLITTER CHASES!? Check out the ratios of this awesome design and test your luck! BB-CRE.8 and Perfect Humans are over the MOOOOOOON to proudly present Moonie Popsicle Blind Bags!


- Each blind bag comes with ONE (1) Random Moonie Popsicle!

- Black Nickel HARD enamel

- Glitter Chaser Variants!

- Double post rubber clutch backing

- Approximately 2'' in height

- BB-CRE.8 and Perfect Humans embossed stamp

- High graphic vinyl sticker packages the front and back of Mylar Foil blind bag


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