Hexagon Blind Bag

$ 9.00 


Want to build your Hexagon Hive a little quicker and feel a little lucky? Well today is your day because BB-CRE.8 is hooking you up with 1 (ONE), 2 (TWO) or 3 (THREE) mystery HEXAGON pins in this little mystery bag we got for you... and at a cheaper rate too! The more hexes in one blind bag, the more you save! So roll the dice and sew what you get as BB-CRE.8 proudly presents, Hexagon Blind Bags!


Depending which Hexagon Blind Bag Quantity you choose...

1 (ONE) Hexagon Blind Bag may contain 1 (ONE), 2 (TWO), or 3 (THREE) of the following HEX designs in different combinations but there are no repeats of the same design in the 1 (ONE) Blind Bag you purchase.

Long Ago, Written & Directed, Rebel Alliance, 1st Order, Bad Batch, Clan Fett, Galactic Empire, Jedi Order, Mudhorn, Mythosaur, Sith Empire, and Starbird are ONLY offered in these blind bags and NOT iconic scenes (sold separately) or any other future hex releases.


- Hex blind bag may come with 1 (ONE), 2 (TWO), or 3 (THREE) Random BB-CRE.8 Hexagon Pins (please read above for more info)

- Pins are heat sealed in a Metallic Mylar Foil blind bag

- High gloss Hexagon Blind Bag unique sticker is attached to the front of mylar foil bag

- Comes with 5.5" x 8.5" wave 1 HEXAGON check list (while supplies last)


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