Friday the 13th Cartridge

$ 15.00 


Yay! It's summer time and why not head to camp... but where? How about Crystal Lake!? That sounds like a blast where we can be happy with our friends enjoying the lake and wilderness around us! We can soak up the sun during the day and chill at night! But wait... Who's that? it's Jason on a rampage! We had to hit you with another insane collab with the King of Horror himself, Jad Dovey! That's right we came together to expand our always growing NES Slider collection by bringing you a cult classic! You can relive all those feels as BB-CRE.8 and Jad Dovey proudly present, Friday the 13th Cartridge (Slider Pin)!



- Dustcover & Cartridge: Black nickel hard enamel

- Double clutch rubber backing

- Approximately 1.0'' in height (closed); Approximately 1.25" in height (opened)

- BB-CRE.8 x Jad Dovey embossed backstamp logo


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