CR3-M.8 (Boston Cream)

$ 11.00 


This product is coming soon.

Oh… what’s that white stuff coming out of BB-8’s head? It looks thick, rich and white… oh! It’s just yummy cream filling! How adorable! Not only that… look at that base! This bad boy has been dipped in chocolate and is ready to be served with a glass of milk or coffee… amiright?! Either way, the BB-CRE.8 team transformed this lovable droid into something so tasty that it’ll make your mouth water and gush like a fountain. So let’s place this wonderful donut in your pin collection as BB-CRE.8 proudly presents CR3-M.8 (Boston Cream)!


- Gold Plated Hard Enamel

- Chocolate base with a cream filling…YUM!

- Double clutch rubber backing

- Approximately 1.3’’ in size

- BB-CRE.8 embossed backstamp logo

- Laser number 1-50


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