Beetle-Maul T-Shirt

$ 26.00 


Beetle-Maul, Beetle-Maul, Beetle-Maul! Wait, that's not how it goes... right? Who cares because it's showtime! The BB-CRE.8 team decided to transport themselves back to the 80's during a time where movies were either so bad they were good or so good they were great! And what better way to usher in the 80's with one iconic movie that put Michael Keaton on the map but mashes him up with the most badass Sith in the SWU! BB-CRE.8 proudly presents a mashup that is the ghost... err Sith with the most and will surely scare the living to their graves as we give you Beetle-Maul T-Shirt!


- BLACK Color T-Shirt

- 100% Cotton

- High Quality DIRECT TO GARMET Graphic


- Small: 38" Chest, 28" Body Length, 8" Sleeve Length

- Medium: 41" Chest, 29" Body Length, 8 1/2" Sleeve Length

- Large: 44" Chest, 30" Body Length, 9" Sleeve Length

- X-Large: 48" Chest, 31" Body Length, 9 1/2" Sleeve Length

- XX-Large: 52" Chest, 32" Body Length, 10" Sleeve Length

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