BEAM Fundraiser

$ 10.00 


“Rebellions are Built on HOPE!” -Jyn Erso

When you purchase this special pin 100% of the profits will be going towards the followings organization:

BEAM, Black Emotional And Mental Health Collective: Your donation will go towards effective emotional health strategies must include a variety of approaches. Practices such as dance, yoga, generative somatics, spiritual and religious practices, psychotherapy, creative arts, medication and more must be used together in order to transform our emotional health landscape in various Black communities around the United States. This effective emotional health systems affirm the value of ALL Black lives: Cis and transgender, heterosexual, gender non-conforming, disabled and able-bodied, lesbian, queer, gay and bisexual Black people. For more information please visit


- Laser etched “#blacklivesmatter” on the back of pin

- Hard Black nickel enamel pin

- Double pin post

- Embossed BB-CRE.8 logo on pin

- 100% Embroidered IRON ON Patch

- Patch Size: Approximately 4 1/2"

- Heat Cutout Boarder on patch

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